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Helpful Tips When Having Your Tower Painted

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If you have a tall tower and its paint is starting to come off, you'll need to have it re-painted because it could become an aviation hazard risk. This is such a special process and to ensure it works out in your company's favor, remember these useful tips.

Figure Out What Paints Are Accepted

It may seem like towers are painted pretty basic colors and you can, thus, choose whatever color you want. That's not the case at all. If you did this, then it's highly likely your building will suffer costly penalties.

They can easily be avoided if you take time to see what paints are acceptable based on federal standards for international aviation colors. These regulations will state exactly what colors can be used for re-painting your tower. As long as you comply with these policies, you'll have nothing to worry about from a legal standpoint. 

Make Sure Primer Is Used

When you have your building's tower repainted, you want to make sure paint can bond appropriately. Otherwise, the paint may come off prematurely, and then you'll have to spend more money on this painting service.

You can save yourself this headache by using primer before the paint is applied to your building's tower. The primer will help the paint bond to the steel in an effective manner. As long as this primer is applied correctly to your tower, then the paint used has the ability to last for a long time to come. 

Hire the Right Professionals

Painting towers is a pretty involved task and also potentially dangerous. You, thus, need to be careful when choosing professional paint contractors. Start by making sure they specialize in tower painting. These contractors will know exactly what protocols to implement out on the work site.

Also try finding paint contractors that have a lot of experience. It will pay off because the contractors that come out will already know what to do and can start working right away. They'll also be more adept at solving potential issues before something severely goes wrong. You'll then feel more confident about the painting services being offered.

Having a building with a tower means being responsible for its paint. If the current paint starts coming off, make sure you approach re-painting with strategy. Finding the right paint, using primer, and hiring qualified contractors will make this re-painting process go by a lot more smoothly. 

For more information, reach out to a local tower painting service.