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What Makes Architectural Coatings Different From Paints

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When you first hear about architectural coatings, you might be inclined to believe they are nothing but paints. These materials are considered a class of paints, but they're designed for a number of different practical and aesthetic purposes in interior and exterior applications. Here is a look at some of the factors that distinguish what architectural coating services providers do from simply painting.

Customized Chemistry

Suppose you need a coating that has a very low odor level for a medical setting where there are people with potential sensitivities. Architectural coatings exist that can handle this job. Similar solutions exist to provide additional resistance to heat and cold, waterproofing, easier cleaning, stronger pigment binding, and more or less opacity.

If you need a resin mixed in with the product, that's possible, too. For example, a company might use architectural coatings to protect a painted work floor. Amazing aesthetic results can be achieved without sacrificing durability.

Application to More Surfaces

Perhaps you have a building that's covered in brick, and you want to paint it. Finding an off-the-shelf product can be a challenge. Architectural coating services, however, have access to products that will adhere well to materials and textures that are less commonly painted.

Durability and Stain Resistance

Generally, any product sold as an architectural coating rather than a pain is likely to have greater durability. It also will be less prone to absorbing fluids, providing better resistance to stains. In settings where exposure to fluids, chemicals, or pollution can be problematic, this can be especially helpful. You might take this approach when restoring an older building that's in the vicinity of a roadway that causes damaging pollution, for example.


A flat surface can be boring, but many coating materials can be created to provide texture. You might have an existing surface that you'd like to give a stucco finish. Rather than going to all the work to apply stucco, however, you can employ a coating to achieve the same look.

On-Site Application

Particularly with materials like siding, wood, and composites, the typical solution is to apply the coating at the factory. If you wanted to have a custom-coated deck at a bar, for example, it would be close to impossible to accomplish your goal with off-the-shelf materials. Conversely, the right architectural coating materials could easily be used to achieve your desired look. You could also expect the surface to hold up incredibly well to foot traffic, spills, and weather.