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Using Self Storage? Know How To Pack The Unit Properly

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Self-storage units can be a great way to get rid of those items at home that are taking up space that you want to reclaim. However, some thought needs to go into how you pack those items into a storage unit to make the most of the space. Here are some tips that you should follow when it comes to actually putting your belongings into the unit.

Consider Everything Going Into Storage

A common mistake that is made when packing a storage unit is doing it haphazardly. Think about everything that you plan to put into storage, not just the things you have with you at the time if you are making several trips. You don't want to be shuffling things around if it could be avoided with a little bit of pre-planning. 

Put Things In Long Term Storage Near The Back

You will want to put all the stuff you don't see yourself using for a long time near the back of the unit. They are not going to be accessed with any frequency, so put them out of the way so that you don't need to move them around within the storage unit.

Meanwhile, all of the things you do use frequently should go towards the front of the storage unit. This includes things like seasonal decorations that you'll for sure be pulling out once a year or sporting equipment that will be taken out again when the weather is right. 

Create An Aisle 

It helps to leave a very thin path in the center of the storage unit to help access more items. If you create a solid wall of boxes, you will limit how many things are accessible once you are done packing the unit. A thin aisle that is only wide enough to shuffle through is all you need to improve your accessibility.

Use Shelves 

A stack of boxes is going to be a pain to navigate through when you have to move each individual box from the stack to get to what is on the bottom. Consider buying some shelves for your storage unit to make the entire stack of boxes accessible. Get shelving that allows you to adjust the height of each shelf, and then put similar-sized boxes on the shelf to maximize your storage space. 

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