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4 Tips For A Better Letter Writing Experience

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Writing letters is sometimes considered a lost art. With the advent of email, most people entrust their communication to the internet. After all, it's quick, simple, and free to send an email to someone. However, emails lack the longevity and personal touch of a letter. There is a certain tactile pleasure in holding a letter in your hands. Many people like to save letters from friends and loved ones for years, for sentimental reasons. If you'd like to start sending letters to your loved ones, here are four things you can do to make the experience more enjoyable:

1. Invest in quality stationery.

When it comes to letters, presentation is everything. Instead of writing on plain, ordinary lined paper, invest in quality stationery. Stationery is usually of a higher quality than ordinary photocopier paper. It's often heavier with a nicer finish. If you want your stationery to be personalized, you can even purchase stationery that is monogrammed with your initials. 

2. Try out a subscription box.

It's great to find a type of stationery that you really like, but when you're ready to branch out, you can have a lot of fun trying various subscription boxes. Stationery subscription boxes send stationery right to your door on a regular basis. You can sign up for particular types of stationery too, such as monogrammed stationery if you'd like to keep personalizing your letters.

3. Purchase interesting stamps.

In order to send a paper letter to someone, you'll have to utilize the post office's services. That means you will need to purchase stamps. Nowadays stamps come in many beautiful, interesting designs. You can use stamps as part of the overall design of your envelope, in order to enhance its beauty. Spend some time at the post office perusing the different stamps available. you're sure to find several varieties that catch your eye.

4. Consider learning calligraphy.

There are a few things you can do while handwriting that you can't do on a computer, and calligraphy is one of those things. Calligraphy utilizes a pen with an angled tip to create unique, beautiful lines of varying weights. Calligraphy can turn your words into a work of art. If you're ready to take your letter writing to the next level, start practicing your calligraphy skills. You can find videos that teach you the basics online, and with a little practice, you'll soon be writing calligraphy like a professional.

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