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3 Tips For Buying The Right Raincoat For Your Autistic Child

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Given that more than 2% of children in the United States today between the ages of 3 and 17 are living with autism, it shouldn't be as hard as it is to meet their needs. Unfortunately, many parents are finding that the unique challenges their children face every day cannot always be planned for. One common issue that many kids on the autism spectrum experience relates to their clothing. Itchy or tight clothing can often trigger anxiety and a melt-down for autistic children, as can clothing that gets caught in the wind or doesn't stay near their body. Therefore, when you're shopping for a new raincoat for your autistic child, it's a good idea to consider the following tips.   

#1-Consider The Weather In Your Area And Your Child's Tolerances. 

Raincoats with a synthetic or laminate exterior are typically water-resistant and often feel soft to the wearer. However, if you live in an area prone to a lot of rain or your child enjoys playing in the rain, you will want to find a raincoat that has been seam-sealed, as that feature means the unit is waterproof.

In addition, it's important to remember that just as your child might have issues with the curtains in your home blowing in the wind, he or she might also be unable to cope with a raincoat that does not conform to their body. In that instance, you might want to look for a coat that is weighted at the seams, since the extra weight will often keep the coat close to the wearer's body in all but the highest winds.  

#2-Do Not Choose A Rough Fabric For The Base Coat

Although many of the raincoats on the market today are of a water-resistant material like gore-Tex or a similar laminate, you can also find units made of denim or polyester as the base coat with a slicker or other protective wear on top. Since denim and polyester can be itchy or overly binding to an autistic individual, it's better to choose a raincoat that is soft and comfortable. 

Examples can include a fleece-lined jacket with a laminate exterior or a puffy jacket that contains down. Another choice to consider is something made with cotton with a waterproof, washable exterior.

#3-Remember How Your Child Feels About Closures

Another feature to watch for is specific to your own child. Some autistic kids cannot stand buttons on anything, while others hyper-focus on buttons to exclude everything else. The same is true of zippers. Therefore, when you are looking for a new raincoat for him or her, you should allow for those concerns. 

A child who wants to do nothing but button and unbutton a raincoat or zip and unzip their water-resistant jacket all day is unlikely to be able to benefit from school, therapies or other important life experiences. As a result,  it's best to choose a jacket that is not overwhelming or overly fascinating to them for better results.       

In conclusion, there isn't a one-size-fits all approach to helping autistic kids to be better able to deal with the challenges of the world around them. Similarly, the symptoms of autism can vary tremendously from one child to the next, but one symptom that has often been reported is a dislike of specific aspects of clothing. As a result, the advice shared above are likely to be quite useful when you are shopping for a new raincoat from a place like Ben's Cleaner Sales for your autistic child.