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Practical Ways To Boost Your Club's Membership

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For any country club, membership is the foundation to any path to success. Without membership, the club can't function. Whether you're looking to simply expand your membership or you're in crisis mode and need new members right away, you do have options. There are several things you can do to increase your membership in a short amount of time; here are just some of them.  

Call On The Families

For your building efforts, start with the members you already have. Taking steps to make the club attractive for the entire family can boost your numbers. For example, you could introduce a spouse or family special. With this special, members can add their family members to their membership file at a lower cost than it would be than adding each person at an individual membership level.

To make it even more appealing, you could have specials like Couple Days or Daddy-Daughter Day to give your members an incentive to add their family members.

Create New Payment Options

One of the leading reasons membership can fall off is finances. Personal finances are ever changing and what one person could afford three years ago might not be what they can afford today. If your club requires the total membership dues upfront and they are on a tighter budget, they may simply forgo membership to your club.

You can help avoid this by creating new payment options. For example, you can give members the option to pay monthly or quarterly. You may also be able to offer a seasonal membership package that allows members to pay for a specific season. The more budget friendly options the better.

Offer Incentives

If you're having trouble with keeping the current members you have, consider offering some type of incentive for their loyalty. For example, for members that have maintained their status for the past three years, you could offer three free months, for those with six or more years of membership status, you could offer six months free.

For the long-time member, these programs show how much you appreciate their commitment, which won't go unnoticed on the part of the members, making them want to also remain loyal to you. These programs can even make new members more eager to stick around since they will have something to look forward to earning.

A private club consulting firm can assist you with executing these tips as well as a host of other ideas. Let one of these professionals help you boost your club.