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3 Signs You Should Update Your Kitchen's Hood System

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The exhaust hood in your restaurant serves a significant purpose. In addition to keeping odors and airborne grease out of the kitchen, these hood systems also keep smoke, heat, and combustion products out of the air, keeping your team and your customers safer. However, the system can only accomplish these goals when it is functioning properly. Learn how you can recognize a problem with the hood that may indicate a replacement is necessary.

Kitchen Update

Whenever you make any updates to your kitchen, it's a good idea to reassess the hood to see if it is suited to meet your needs. This is true whether the update is something as significant as updating the range or something as seemingly minor as changing the layout of the kitchen space.

In terms of the latter, even a small change in the layout can affect airflow. If this has not been taken into account, the system will not function correctly. Whenever you make an update, remember to also have the hood inspected.

Excessive Grease Collection

If you notice an excessive amount of grease collecting around the hood, this should be viewed as a warning sign that an update might be necessary. With normal operation, grease buildup is common. However, you should be able to easily clean it away.

As the hood gets older, this process becomes more challenging. Instead of cleaning all the grease away, a small amount of grease gets left behind. Eventually, the amount of grease left behind is enough to prevent air from properly circulating through the system, causing the air quality to decrease.

Menu Update

Just like it's important to consider a hood update when you remodel or upgrade your kitchen, it's also a good idea to consider this process should you decide to make any significant updates to the menu. For example, if you primarily were serving baked menu items but you're now looking to incorporate fried items, your ventilation needs will change.

In addition to actual menu changes, if the volume of customers you service significantly increases, this might also justify the need for a new hood system. If the system is too small to meet this increased demand, it won't properly vent the air.

A professional from a company like Tri County Fire Protection can work with you to assess your restaurant's needs to determine whether or not a replacement hood is necessary to keep your kitchen safe.