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2 Major Questions You Need to Ask Before Renting Construction Equipment

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If you are currently considering undertaking a major construction project for your home, you will need to make sure that you have access to the various pieces of equipment that your project will require. In particular, large construction equipment, such as forklifts and scaffolding, can seem as though it will be extremely difficult to acquire. However, there are rental firms that can provide you with this equipment, but you will need a basic understanding of these services before you can decide if your construction project will benefit from them.

Have You Ever Used the Equipment Before?

There may be instances where you will need to use equipment that you may need to use particular pieces of equipment for the first time. Unfortunately, using construction equipment without the proper training can be extremely dangerous. In order to help clients that need to learn the basic of using the equipment that they rent, there are many rental services that will offer short training demonstrations to clients. Furthermore, some services can provide a trained technician to use the rented equipment. This will require an additional fee based on the number of hours you will need a technician for your project.

How Does the Company Address Damaged Equipment?

While you will likely take great care of the equipment that you rent, it is an unavoidable fact that accidents can happen, and these may result in some damage to the equipment. To account for this risk, you will need to pay a deposit at the time of renting the items. In the event that the unit suffers damage, the repair costs will simply be deducted from the deposit.

When the costs of repairing the damage exceeds the deposit, you will need to pay for the additional expenses. Luckily, you can simply purchase an insurance policy from the rental company to help minimize your financial risks. Typically, these policies can be chosen with a range of deductibles, and it may be worthwhile for you to pay the higher price of a policy with a lower deductible as the cost difference will be negligible compared to the savings it could provide.

Renting construction equipment can be one of the first steps in undertaking a major project, but a lack of familiarity with this process can lead to you making mistakes when evaluating your options for meeting this need. Knowing that many equipment rental services can provide basic usage training as well as the importance of purchasing rental insurance for your equipment will give you a more thorough appreciation of how these services can help you.

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