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Making Your Well Irrigation System More Efficient With Automated Controls

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Weather conditions are often unpredictable and if you want to have perfect landscaping or gardens, irrigation is important. It is difficult to know when the best time to water is and sometimes, draught conditions also mean water restrictions. If you want to have a healthy garden, it is important to have the right controls for your irrigation systems. Here are some of the solutions that will ensure your garden is always healthy with automated irrigation systems:

1. Network Connected Weather Stations for Intelligent Irrigation

Today, micro climate information can be shared across networks and the internet. The irrigation of your landscaping can also include a weather station, which can be connected to the Internet and local network. The information will be shared with the control panels to make predictions for the best irrigation settings depending on data collected from your own weather station, connected stations and forecasts from the Internet. The weather data will ensure that your gardens are watered adequately according to climate conditions.

2. Timer Controls and Manifolds for Drip Irrigation Solutions in Landscaping

Timer controls are the conventional solution for irrigation systems, and they can still be useful for drip irrigation. If you want to install drip irrigation for your landscaping, it can be connected to conventional sprinkler controls with a manifold that controls different lines. The manifold should also have automated timer that is connected to the main control panel for optimal watering. Drip irrigation can be used for plants in your landscaping that do not need a broadcast watering solution that sprinklers provide.

3. Monitoring Soil Conditions with Sensors and Zoned Irrigation Designs

Soils also vary depending on your location. Some soils will have higher PH and others may hold moisture better. To ensure your landscaping has optimal soil conditions, sensors can be installed that give you important information like moisture content and PH levels. This information can be shared with irrigation solutions, and it can also be used to improve the soil conditions for plants. When the controls are connected to a local network, this information will easily be available for you to evaluate and make decisions on the best solutions to care for plants.

With the right automated controls, your garden will always be healthy and you will be able to concentrate more on caring for your plants. Contact a well repair service to help with some of these solutions for efficient irrigation.