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Using Vinyl Stickers In Your Marketing Campaigns

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There are a lot of fun things you can do to promote your business and get your logo or branding out to the world. After all, every time you send out a product, your invoice, shipping material, and packaging offers you an opportunity to put that logo in front of your customers. But when it comes to promotion of the product or brand, offering something that will bring further exposure of your brand can help spread the word beyond your present client base.

Include a Freebie In The Box

One way to get your branding out and increase the reach you have is to offer something cool like a vinyl sticker in the package when you sell your product. If you have a cool logo that your customers would be likely to display somewhere, putting it on a vinyl sticker and adding it to the packaging might be a great option. Many companies already do this and if your customer base is a younger market segment, you may find this is a great addition to your packaging.

Marketing Events

If your business or company is involved in a market event like a trade show or other live event, handing out vinyl stickers with the logo, web address, and other information on it is a great option. Business cards are great but they tend to get put in the drawer or left in a wallet and forgotten about. A sticker has more chance of ending up on something and being displayed. While they may cost a little more, in the long run, if they offer better reach they are a better value. Consider custom vinyl stickers for your next event.

Finding A Vendor For Your Stickers

There are many companies out there that can make your stickers for you. Check them out and ask for a sample of their work so you can see what you will be getting. The quality varies greatly and the last thing you want is to spend a lot of money on a sticker then have it be poorly printed on low-quality material. The graphic and words should be sharp and clean so that people can read it and recognize the logo. The vinyl should be heavy enough to not wrinkle when the backing is removed and allow it to be placed on a surface without bubbles and wrinkles. Giving out a poorly made sticker as a marketing tool tells the potential customer that you don't care about quality and may reflect that in your product, even if that is not truly the case.

Companies like Northwest Label can help you find the sticker solution for your business.