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You Can Use Urns And Grave Markers To Help Remember A Deceased Pet

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Losing a pet can be devastating. You've had your pet for many years, and they have been your family, your companion, and your rock. When you lose that, you don't want to let your pet go without a way to mark how important they are in your life. One way to do that is to make sure that you handle their mortal remains in a way that lets you feel like your pet is remembered and honored. 


When your pet dies, you may choose to have them cremated. Many vet offices offer that service for their patients. If you do have your pet cremated, you can choose to get an urn that you can display in your home so that you can remember your pet every time you see it. There are all kinds of urns that you can get. One thing you can do is to choose an urn that is a statue of the breed your dog was. (For example, if your dog was a boxer, you can get an urn that is shaped like a boxer.) Then you can get a plaque engraved with your pet's name put on the statue. There are even urns on which you can get your pet's image engraved. Those urns may have something like a bronze or metal base where your pet's ashes are, and then have a block of glass or plexiglass on top with your pet's imaged etched onto it. 

Grave Markers

You may decide that you would rather bury your pet. You may want to bury them after you have had them cremated or you may skip the cremation step altogether. If you want to have your pet buried, there are options. Some places have pet cemeteries. Unlike Stephen King's version of a pet cemetery, these are peaceful places where you can buy a plot for your pet. You can go to see them any time that you want. Another option for burial is to bury your pet on your own property if you have the space. No matter where you have pet buried, you can choose to get a grave marker so that you always know right where your pet is. For more information about grave markers, visit a website like

Losing a pet means that you are losing an important part of your family. You want to make sure that you honor your pet after they are gone as much as you loved them when they were here.